Our Range of Safes

If you’re looking to buy a safe to keep your cash or valuables secure then The Locksmiths Shop can help you in choosing the right safe which suites your Needs.

A couple of Questions to think about when considering a safe.

The Size of the safe and also location where the safe is to be fitted Selecting the right safe is essential for your insurance and is also advisable to check what specification you require with them.

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How do you know what you should be looking for, and how do you decide which is the best safe for you?

Cash Rating

The cash rating of a safe is the amount of cash an insurance company will cover you to hold in your safe. Cash ratings start from £1000. The rating for other valuables like jewellery is always 10 times the cash rating.

So for example a safe with a £4000 cash rating will be allow you protection for up to £40,000 of jewellery or other valuables. Always check with your insurance company how much cover they need you to have.


Euro Graded Safes

Insurance companies may also insist on a Euro graded safe if you have a high value items below will give you a guide.

Grade 0 - £6,000 cash - £60,000 valuables
Grade 1 - £10,000 cash - £100,000 valuables
Grade 2 - £17,500 cash - £175,000 valuables
Grade 3 - £35,000 cash - £350,000 valuables
Grade 4 - £60,000 cash - £600,000 valuables
Grade 5 - £100,000 cash - £1,000,000 valuables
Grade 6 - £150,000 cash - £1,500,000 valuables

The AiS (Association of Insurance Surveyors) are the UK’s safe accreditation body. Many insurance companies will insist on your safe being AIS approved. Most Euro graded safes are AiS approved, but always check with your supplier.


Safes need to be installed and fitted professionally to meet with insurance companies’ approval. We can offer this service.


  • Deciding which type to use Key Operated or Electronic
  • Key Operated : Easy to Operate doesn’t use battery power.
  • Electronic: Easy to Use and change the combination no loss of keys.

Fire Retardant Safes And Fire Resistant Safes

Depending on the Model Purchased fire protection for paper, although some safes will offer more depending on their design and type.

Choosing the Correct size of Safe

When choosing a safe things to consider

External size – deciding Area which you wish to install to.

Sizes of safes are usually given in millimetres (mm) and will tell you the height, width, and depth of the safe. Ensure you have space and that the door will open easily, and check to see if the safe has external hinges which will also affect its position and operation.

Internal size – what items do you want to go inside the inside your safe? Will it fit? The internal size will differ depending on the type of safe. The more secure, graded or heavy, the thicker the wall of the safe, and the less space it will have inside.

 Many safes are designed to store specific items. Always check the size of the items going inside.

Weight – the weight of a safe will vary , so consider this when choosing a safe. The heavier the safe, the more secure. But it also has to be considered if positioned on a first floor or higher. Heavy safes are better suited to ground floors.

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